How can you make sure your company stands out in this competitive job market?

  1. Let social media do the talking

Through social media platforms, your company can show prospective candidates what the work culture is like. Current employees can participate in videos where they discuss the perks or highlights of being part of the company, for example. Prospective employees are more likely to apply for a position if they feel like they already know what the company is like.

  1. Review and update your job descriptions

Don’t just think about what you need from an employee, take the time to think about what they need as well. You want to hook candidates and convince them to apply for the position. Research similar open positions in other companies to identify what sets your company apart, then include that in the job description.

Transparency is important to candidates. Include links to your social media platforms and Glassdoor or other reviews so candidates can browse through them.

You want the tone of the description to match that of the brand/company. If your work environment is more laid back, you want the verbiage you use to reflect that. However, avoid using words like wizard, guru, rockstar, etc. as job seekers do not respond positively to them.

  1. Flexibility with time and location

Flexible schedules have allowed employees to take better care  of themselves, and in turn, they perform better. Hybrid and remote schedules save employees travel time, money, and the hassle of preparing for the day.  This is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects potential employees consider when accepting or denying a position. In some instances, it may be even more important than pay.