did you know the average time to fill an open position is 42 days?

Depending on the level of position you are trying to fill it can take weeks, if not months, to fill the position. In addition, it takes a lot of time and attention to properly marketing positions, screen candidates, & put together final offers. By using an experienced recruiting company you can leverage your time and only be involved in the most crucial steps in the process.

Our team will do the following (and more) to help you fill your open positions:

  • Create job descriptions
  • Market positions
  • Review resumes
  • Screen candidates
  • Schedule interviews
  • Coordinate offer letters
  • Follow up after placement

Contingent recruitment

Percent of Placement w/ Guarantee

With contingent recruitment we will work with you to clearly identify the position/s that need to be filled, the culture of your company, and the ideal timeline for filling the position. We will then get to work on writing the job description, marketing the position, screening candidates, and scheduling interviews. For some positions we may have qualified candidates ready for review as we are always recruiting.

Executive Search

Higher Percent placement w/ Guarantee

Executive search services is largely the same as direct hire except that it is typically reserved for executive, director, and C-level positions. Typically we are targeting executive-level candidates, who are often already employed. We will do the outreach necessary to gain their interest, sell your company, and setup interviews. This is a much more “hands on” approach and has a higher placement fee.

Retained Search

Milestone based payments – Usually 3 parts

Retained Search is the best fit for those “impossible” hires. These are the positions that you have been trying to fill and haven’t had any luck. You may have even contracted one (or many) contingent recruiting companies to help you, but aren’t seeing results. With Retained Search we move clients through an 8-Step Process that allows our clients to understand the industry, market, and total talent pool available. We then do the heavy lifting to find the top candidates for your position, many of which are not actively looking for a new position, but are open to the conversation.

Multple Hire Campaigns

Customized to each customer’s needs

When you have a lot of open positions that need to be filled at the same time sometime a customized approach is needed. We work with companies to clearly identify all open positions, the order at which makes the most sense to fill the positions, and then build a game plan to work with the company to fill these positions. Depending on the campaign we may use a combination of all or our services offerings or create a specific agreement for the entire campaign. We will also utilize various marketing tools & strategies to market the company as a whole throughout the process.


Here are some of the many job titles for positions that we have filled.

column1-image1Account Manager


Office Manager

Administrative Assistant

Forklift Driver

Operations Manager

column1-image3CAD Designer

In-House Accountant

Order Fulfillment

column1-image3Chief Operating Officer – COO

IT Technician


Database Manager

Law Clerk

Project Manager

column1-image6Director of Programs

column2-image1Marketing Director

Service Technician


Industries We Serve

Here are some of the industries that we actively work in.


Health Care

Nonprofit Organizations


Home Services

column2-image1Professional Services


IT & Technology


Energy & Natural Resources

Law Offices

SaaS & Software




Food & Agriculture


Transportation & Logistics

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all size businesses