Partnering Saves Time!

If you are running a business and have never used temporary staff or partnered with a staffing agency, now is a great time to explore doing so. Below we have provided some reasons why working with a staffing agency might be a fit for your business:

  • A professional partner – Our job is staffing & recruiting. Our team is built of high-level professionals who are experts at marketing & filling open positions. Let our team write the job description, determine where to market the position, screen candidates and refer over qualified candidates to your business.
  • Save time & transition responsibility – When you partner with a staffing agency, you eliminate many of the headaches that come with onboarding staff. When we send employees to your business (unless in a direct placement setup) they are our employees and will be working at your business. We handle the applications, hiring documents and making sure the employee gets paid! You just need to get the employee plugged into your processes and they are off to the races.
  • Flexibility – One the best parts of using temporary or temp-to-perm staff is that you can scale up or down as you business needs. This allows you to quickly react when you have increased business and to not have as much overhead if things slow down!
  • Screening solution – Are you tired of bringing on staff and then they turn out to not be a fit? With temp employees you can work with employees for a period of time and if you see fit you can convert an employee to being full time with your company and move them to your payroll. This allows you to get on-the-job feedback from employees and really see who is the best fit for your company’s culture.

There are many more benefits in working with a staffing agency and exploring the option of using temporary employees, but the above give you a general idea of why using temps might be a fit for you business.

If you are interested in seeing how BTG might be able to help you with your staffing needs CONTACT US today.