You Were Let Go from Your Company… Now What?

The shock of being let go can hinder your ability to think about the next steps. Besides the financial dent, it can also be emotionally distressing. Here are some steps to consider so you can bounce back quickly:

Contact HR for a lay-off letter

This letter will explain that your lay-off was due to company changes that are not within your control. This helps you explain the situation to potential future employers.

Severance and pay

You could be entitled to severance pay, typically one- or two weeks’ worth of pay. If you are not owed any severance, be sure to ask when you will receive your final check. You also want to inquire if you can be paid out for any accumulated vacation hours.

Do not put off registering for unemployment, even if you are confident that you will find another job soon. It is important to ensure you are still receiving some income so that if any leads do not pan out you do not find yourself in a tough financial situation.

Update your LinkedIn and resume

When applying for positions, many of them will request your LinkedIn Profile link. You may want to ask your former manager if they are willing to give you a LinkedIn recommendation. Besides that, you will want to refresh your entire profile to give you the best chance.

If you have been with your company for quite some time, investigate the preferred resume standards as they may have changed.


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